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Maybo SaferChildrenManaging challenging behaviour
Aggression and conflict is regularly occurring in many schools. From low level disruptive behaviour in the classroom, to physical contact between pupils and, between pupils and staff.

Alarming statistics can grab the headlines but at EMSS, working in partnership with Maybo, we take a considered approach. Our focus is on prevention, de-escalation and resolution, building on the existing skills and knowledge staff have, to draw out the best ideas and show that safety and making decisions in the best interests of children go hand in hand.

In our work with schools we have identified four primary situations where conflict and violence occur:

  • Resolving a confrontation between pupils
  • Communicating with angry parents
  • Dealing with trespassers on school grounds
  • Responding to challenging behaviour from pupils towards staff

Effective Training, Tailored for Your Needs
We strive to match the level of training we provide to the level of risk staff face. We will work closely with you to tailor our training content and delivery methods to suit the needs of your staff and your school or environment.

We use scenario based training, deriving the situations from the real life situations the staff we are training face. We find this enables realistic practice and gives staff the confidence to use the techniques and skills back in their workplace.

Maybo strongly believes that physical intervention should only be used as a last resort and our programme covers alternatives to using force. We also recognise and understand that in some situations, holding or escorting skills are needed to create a safer outcome for everyone concerned. Where these risks are identified our specially developed skills, suitable for use with children and young people, have been shown to be simple and effective for staff to use.

You also have peace of mind that our physical interventions curriculum is accredited by BILD (British Institute for Learning Disabilities).

Staff who attend training are shown how to:

  • Recognise potential conflict flashpoints and risks in their work
  • Identify simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk for all parties
  • Develop positive relationships and interactions
  • Defuse and resolve emotive situations

Training can also include practical strategies to:

  • Reduce staff vulnerability to assault
  • Safely respond to fights between pupils
  • Re-direct, escort and hold pupils lawfully and ethically

Maybo training makes a difference
Following training in a school with resourced provision for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties...

  • The number of incidents of challenging behaviour reduced by nearly 40%
  • Pupil behaviour improved (reward time earned increased by more than 10%)
  • The number of incidents of seriously challenging behaviour (that required more than 30 minutes to resolve) dropped by 80%
  • The number of incidents of physical intervention dropped by more than 80%

This numerical evidence of effectiveness is further supported by observation of how staff behaviour changed following the training. The school observed that.

  • Staff made more use of effective proactive prevention techniques, rather than just relying on strategies to handle conflict when it occurred
  • Staff changed their body language to help them remain calm and to avoid inadvertently displaying aggressive signals
  • Staff gave children more options and more responsibility to enable them to find their own resolution to difficulties


The Maybo SaferChildren course

The course runs over two days (Day 1 available as distance/online learning if required) and covers:

  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding and planning responses to challenging behaviour
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
  • Signalling non-aggression and Physical Interventions
  • Diffusing and Calming
  • The Legal Context - including self defence and the use of reasonable force
  • Post-incident considerations

EMSS offers this course at our training centres in London and Northampton, and also to businesses at their own venues. Please contact us for dates or any further information.

Maybo SaferChildren
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