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Specialist Backstage Staff

Stewards / Marshalls for EventsThe highly sensitive area of the backstage is not only a crucial point for protection but highly "political" with regards to the needs and wishes of artistes, other celebrities and VIP guests, and managerial personnel.

In recognition of all this, we pride ourselves on providing a completely secure area with strict access arrangements. In essence, we operate a concentric defence framework to keep artistes safe. Within the artiste area, we also provide a discrete, resident CPO (usually an EMSS Director) whose role it is to blend into the background, watch over the interests of the artistes, and resolve any of those socially, or professionally embarrassing situations that, from time to time, do occur. A discrete (and pre-arranged) signal from the artiste to the CPO is all that it usually takes for the situation to be resolved!

But of course, our backstage service does not stop there. From the VIP area, we escort the principal to their intended destination (stage, vehicle, or hotel). Additionally, we will then remain within discrete but close proximity 'in the wings', to ensure that the VIP can carry out his/her business in a safe and comfortable environment secure in the knowledge that they are being protected by arguably some of the best operatives in the industry.

EMSS will not tolerate any backstage personnel approaching artistes, or otherwise seeking personal photographs or autographs, although we take pride in ensuring that backstage within the security framework, there is a happy, relaxed atmosphere, even in the most demanding of operational environments.

Unlike some security companies, we will not list here those artistes whose interests we have successfully protected over the years – we feel that would be both presumptuous and somewhat indiscrete! That said, we fully recognise that information is important to some prospective clients. Therefore, in response to serious approaches, we will provide that information along with relevant testimonials. Overall though, we trust that our reputation precedes us in a specialist area in which we have made our name.

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