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SIA Frontline Staff

SIA Frontline StaffAt any venue, the frontline staff are the customer face and directly represent your organisation. Our SIA staff will undertake the 'meet and greet', manage all security at your events, and ensure customers' expectations are met. Often the SIA staff will be the last people the public will see when they leave the venue, and we stress to our staff the need to ensure good customer relations are maintained so that people come back, time and again.

The experience that your customers enjoy and how your organisation is viewed will largely depend upon how the SIA staff conduct themselves when dealing with security issues. No matter whether every aspect of an event was to a customer's particular liking or not, more often than not, overall success will in large measure centre upon the professionalism of the SIA staff – their performance and interaction with customers can either make or break your event.

We do not leave positive customer relations to chance, so why should you?

Therefore, EMSS will not employ just "license holders". All our staff have an excellent track record and many years of experience working in security, in the public eye. Both directors insist on working alongside the SIA staff to continually monitor and assess their abilities prior to any staff member being allowed to represent either EMSS Ltd or any promoter for whom we work.

The right "blend" of people is also essential to be able to adapt to the profile of the audience at an event. And to ensure that we get this right on your behalf, we mix and match the SIA teams based upon their strengths. We have staff that are best suited to the role of 'meeters and greeters', talkers, friendly, authoritarian, youthful, experienced, and firm. In fact all different types of personalities that we blend together to provide the perfect "mood music" for your event. For example, we have noted that some companies will send a team of SIA staff that do not reflect the needs of the event or the location, with the result that customers' expectations are not met – with EMSS that will not happen to you.

We provide: close protection officers, pit crews, response teams, backstage security, box office security, car park patrols, bar security, door teams and, indeed, any other frontline variation that you might need. All our staff have the ability to manage conflict in a professional manner and if circumstances require their Physical Intervention skills, then they come with those skills as well to resolve conflict safely, reasonably and with the minimum of force and fuss.

EMSS will send you the right staff for the event, since we recognise that at stake is not just your reputation but also our hard-earned reputation as well.

SIA Frontline Staff
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