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Overnight / Static Security

Stewards / Marshalls for EventsFor those occasions when you need your property protecting, both before and after your event has taken place, we also can provide you with qualified and experienced security officers who specialise in providing a constant visual presence to protect your property.

All our staff have been CRB cleared and vetted by the EMSS directors to ensure they have the necessary credentials and aptitude to match the level of protection required for the task in hand.

We ensure all officers undergo induction and briefing in the necessary health and safety requirements on arrival at each site on which they are deployed. They are fully uniformed, familiar with the standard and emergency operating procedures of the location and are in contact with the command and control officer.

As part of our standard service, we insist on running a full, in-depth event log, which records key decisions and events and the rationale for all decisions made. This ensures the full accountability of our staff and we are confident that our record keeping and decision recording would satisfy even the most intrusive scrutiniser. We also have electronic photographic or digital recorded evidence gathering equipment with a DTS (date, time stamp) of all patrols, showing potential threats or criminal surveillance within the protected zone. Finally, you can rest easy in the knowledge that each shift ends with a debriefing to either the nominated contact person for the site or the EMSS command and control officer, at which point all intelligence is shared.

We are proud of the successful record we have achieved for protecting many high and medium risk properties over many years of operation and for working alongside the emergency services, other industry professionals, and local enforcement authorities.

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