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Close Protection Officers

Close Protection OfficerThese people are, arguably, some of the best you will come across. They are all very experienced security professionals; all are highly qualified, discrete, and have met national competencies in:

  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Operational Planning
  • Law and Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Close Protection Teamwork
  • Reconnaissance
  • Route Selection
  • Close Protection Foot Techniques
  • Close Protection Vehicle Techniques
  • Building, Vehicle and Personal searches
  • Venue Based Security
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • First Aid at Work

All EMSS Close Protection staff have at least five years experience in close protection work. All have undergone the necessary security screening and have been closely monitored and assessed in real-time work environments. Why do we insist on these high standards? Simple really – to ensure that the staff we use not only meet our high internal, professional standards, but also have broad appeal to clients whose standards are as high as ours and who wish, quite rightly, to have only the best on hand to protect their interests.

The basic role of the Close Protection Officer (CPO) is to protect the client on a one to one basis - either throughout their day-to-day activities, or for one-off events.

Our CPO's can be deployed on an individual basis or in teams, depending on the scale of protection required. Moreover, at a cost that you will find to be both realistic and very competitive.

We have a large number of CPO`s that work for EMSS, and so we take some pride in the fact that we can find for you the right staff member(s) that not only meet your image, high standards, and operational requirements, but also who can blend successfully with your existing team of people. Whether you need male or female staff, highly overt, large presence CPO's, or discrete, covert personnel, who remain 'beneath the radar', you can be sure that we can provide to your needs.

Put simply - you do the specifying and then rest easy. Let us do the planning and providing.

With over 30 years on experience, the team is always led by both EMSS directors. You do not want to take chances, and neither do we. Both directors have operated at the very highest levels of VIP and high profile celebrity protection, and can number their successful operations (and principals) in their hundreds.

As we have said elsewhere on this website, we decline to get involved in any "name dropping" – unlike some other security companies. To prove the point, just look at some other sites and you will see what we mean! That said, approaches from potentially serious clients will secure the necessary information.

In the field of close protection, we have won a hard-earned reputation that we refuse to lose. We have raised the bar to the highest of professional standards and we intend to keep that reputation intact for the benefit of our clients. You do not compromise, so why should we!

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