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EMSS provided ChauffersYes, OK, happily we can and do provide the traditional "Home James" service, but we do like to go the extra mile...!

All our drivers are close protection trained. Additionally, they possess the necessary licences, and all of them have advanced qualifications, including counter surveillance, defensive and tactical driving skills. All our staff are also fully insured and first aid trained... what more can we say?

Oh yes, perhaps something about the vehicles we use. We can either provide vehicles from within your own fleet or provide you with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi or Chrysler saloons; or for those special occasions, limousines. And, if you need something 'very ordinary' for those low profile events where discretion is the better, risk-assessed option, we can do that for you as well. In fact, we can be as 'opulent' or as 'discrete' as you require.

Our drivers spend a long time with clients consulting them and assessing the best options. Whilst the client need/standard is hugely important to us and to which we will always strive to deliver, the safety of the principal is our over-riding concern, and it is to that standard that we will always operate.

Together with the full knowledge of the principal, we will do all the planning (and back-up contingency planning). We will undertake the risk assessment, including identification of the 'pinch points', safe points, primary, secondary and tertiary routes – in fact 'the works' – to the necessary professional standards you should expect. Our chauffeurs will always drive the routes at relevant times of the day in order to gauge every aspect of the route and the traffic conditions and ensure they know all the potential hazards and/or delays.

So, unashamedly, we do take the necessary time to plan, but our staff are equally as good for those fast-time, dynamic occasions, when unexpected journeys must be made, or planned trips have to change at the last minute. However, what you can be certain about is that our staff will always act in your interests and throughout, they will remain polite and professional.

SIA Frontline Staff
Stewards / Marshalls
Box Office Staff
First Aiders
Close Protection Officers
Overnight Security
Specialist Backstage Staff