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Statutory Authority Liasons

PoliciesAmongst their many roles and responsibilities, key members of local statutory authorities requires them to check, inspect, enforce and implement legislation, Acts of Parliament, and current event management guidance with regard to your licensed premises/venue/event.

Over the recent past, we have found that this is becoming more and more evident. Demands in this respect seem to be ever-increasing with the public and official groups at all levels having ever increasing expectations, placing growing demands on event organisers to ensure events run safely and smoothly – especially as regards having in place effective Health and Safety measures. That, of course, is fine. However, can you be sure that the demands placed on you and your event by responsible authority members are lawful, reasonable, and realistic?

EMSS, with their extensive event management knowledge and expertise, have a strong and clear appreciation of the remit and responsibility of the various committees, the laws and guidance under which they operate.

The key skills we bring to this part of your business is knowing what questions to ask and (as importantly) when to ask them. Knowing which are the right questions to ask, knowing when to say yes, when to say no and when to negotiate. We can represent your interests at any meeting and you can rest easy in the knowledge that the right decisions will be made.

You will find that by asking EMSS to represent you in these matters, in an instant the stress of these issues will be lifted from your world, allowing you to continue with the day-to-day tasks you set out to do. And just maybe you will find that, with unrealistic demands being professionally challenged, and with strong negotiators acting for you, substantial bottom-line savings can be made.

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