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Site Design and Planning

Site Design and PlanningWith our extensive track record for designing and operating both indoor and outdoor music events (over 200 major shows and counting...) we use our health and safety expertise alongside our functionality skills to map and design event sites. We can say with confidence that we are sure that our event plans will meet all the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) requirements and still conform to your concept of what you want your event to achieve – your 'thumb print'. The final designs WILL pass scrutiny with all of the statutory authorities and provide clear concise details for the site engineers to construct the arena. These designs will also be of use for all third party contractors such as sound, lighting, pyrotechnics, fireworks, independent sound monitors and the myriad of others you will commission.

Plans include:

  • Arena
  • Internal Logistics
  • Lighting
  • External Traffic Management
  • Emergency "red routes" and ERVP
  • Contractor and Artist logistics
  • Security
  • First Aid
  • Fire Regulations

Site Design & Planning
Risk Assessment
Operating Schedule
SAG & Licensing
Statutory Authority Liasons
Health & Safety Management
Event Control