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SAG and Licensing

SAGOver the past decade, the Directors at EMSS have represented various promoters and venues at SAG and Licensing hearings.

The Directors are a potent combination. Peter Ditchett (a former Assistant Chief Constable) and Mark Barber (Operationally with over 200 events under his belt), give the company its expertise, provenance and credibility. Of the many skills they possess, Peter and Mark are also contracted expert consultants for City and Guilds. Along with their extensive operational experience, they also have considerable committee experience. All of this provides you with the confidence that you no doubt seek, of leaving them (as you see fit) to represent your interests as you require. Whether they are in the boardroom or at your event site, you can rest easy knowing your event and your interests are in safe hands.

Attending typically 40-60 hearings per year Peter and Mark are fully conversant with how SAG operate - in essence, the Directors speak their 'language' - a fact suitably reflected in their huge success rate.

Represented by either or both of these individuals you can enter any meeting or boardroom secure in the knowledge that you are walking in there with some of the best experience in the event management environment wrapped around you and your event.

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