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Risk Assessments

Risk AssessmentsOne of the key players in any Licensing application.

We conduct our risk assessments in three parts after visiting the site, taking photographs, meeting the venue owners, and consulting with persons involved in previous licensable activities at the venue (including police and licensing officers). Once we have done all this, we will do our planning, prepare the necessary documentation, and you will receive:

Part 1: An extensive written risk assessment based on the Health and safety Executive (HSE) recognised 5-stage risk assessment process, also taking into account the methodology developed by Fruin (1993) and the data regarding event casualties.

Part 2: A Risk Assessment "check list" identifying all the key hazards, their severity, persons at risk, and the preventative measures to be put in place. Accompanying this will be an overall severity score for each associated hazard. This is a priority document and demonstrates how you will fulfil your duty of care to all concerned, as the event organiser.

Part 3: In the immediate run-up to the event, we also provide you with a "pre-event" checklist, which the final pre-event, systematic "walk through" safety check. When completed, this will finally ensure your venue is as safe as reasonably practicable and further, it provides you with a ‘defensible' position, demonstrating how you have complied with your duty of care under the relevant Health and Safety legislation and published event guidance.

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