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Operating ScheduleAlong with the numerous policy documents, all venues and events must have one! It is a daunting fact, even to those of us who are well used to compiling these documents. We will do all this for you and produce an Operating Schedule that not only focuses on the macro - the operating conditions, the emergency operating procedures, the various 'crisis management' protocols, and the like but also focuses on the (as important!) micro elements of the event - the number of toilets, the concessions and the like. The Operating Schedule is the keystone to any successful license application, and its compilation is all part of the total event management service that we provide.

We at EMSS have spent years refining our Operating Schedules (OS), understanding how to satisfy the many licensing and safety criteria in a single, all-embracing event management document. Having developed a template that 'works' and has withstood the professional scrutiny of responsible authority groups across the country, you might be forgiven for thinking that we can just 'get one off the shelf' and off we go! Whilst we have a number of generic OS templates available to we will always tailor it to suit your event. Whilst we know what works, we also realise that regulatory authorities undergo almost constant review and reform, and need to be sure that the OS they see reflects current practice. By way of a recent example, the 2005 RRO (fire) guidelines have worked their way through to the event management arena and we have ensured that our clients remain current and up to date with the changes this guidance has brought to their event management arrangements. The world evolves and we have learned to both change in line with it, and be proactive around changes still 'in the offing'. A successful modus operandi and a big confidence boost to clients for whom we have worked.

EMSS will produce your Operating Schedule and present it in a way that gives you the confidence that it will meet the exacting requirements of those to whom falls the responsibility of saying whether your event can go ahead - or not!

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