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Health and Safety Management

PoliciesEMSS provides directorship for any event or venue in need of health and safety management. Both of the company's directors have worked in this role for over a decade at all types of events including:

  • Major outdoor events (circa 200)
  • Major indoor events
  • Smaller venues e.g. nightclubs
  • Sports events
  • Drum and Bass
  • Heavy Metal
  • Dance
  • Television
  • Picnic in the park style events
  • Classical
  • Proms
  • Motorsports
  • Celebrity parties
  • Red Carpet events
  • Corporate events...

EMSS will provide a key player who will oversee, check, instigate remedial work, notify, log and record all health and safety issues and work alongside the emergency service counterparts in all major and minor incidents.

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Risk Assessment
Operating Schedule
SAG & Licensing
Statutory Authority Liasons
Health & Safety Management
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