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Event Control

This is an EMSS 'speciality'. We have been operating and controlling major events for over a decade for various promoters.

The infrastructure is in place, the Licensing Committee has cleared the event for start, and the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) members are all satisfied. After months of planning you have sold out the venue capacity and invited all of your guests to attend backstage... the hard work is done!

EMSS enjoys a huge reputation within the live music industry, and enjoys the confidence of the police, fire, relevant authorities and licensing departments across the UK for "making it happen" in exactly the way we (and they) wanted it to, by implementing some of the best Command and Control environments in the market today. We brief and coordinate all event staff prior to the event, deploy all the resources to offer the best resilience within the dynamic environment to make the event happen as safely and successfully as possible.

Once you sign your event control over to EMSS, it really is time for you to sit back and enjoy the show and leave all the staff logistics to us - it's what we do!

After the event we will debrief all the staff as necessary, sign off the event to the satisfaction of the relevant authorities, ensure the site / venue is sterile and safe and hand you a full report from the moment the event opened to the moment it closed including all key decisions and accountabilities. We will even take care of all lost property for you, and attend any post-event debrief meetings with responsible authorities to answer any questions – the complete event management solution.

The three key players in our Event Control environment are the Event Director, Security Director, and Health and Safety Director. We can provide as much (or as little) of what is shown below as you require to make your event happen to your satisfaction.

Event Control

To satisfy yourself with regard to our credentials we offer you unbiased references from a variety of sources and invite you to come and visit us at any of the events we run to see for yourself, at first hand, exactly what you get. We guarantee that we will not disappoint.

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