About Us

Our head offices are based in Northampton and Central London. We have training venues in Cardiff, West Wales, Leeds, Manchester, Livingston, Birmingham, Hull and Coventry, and also have access to various satellite centres across the country. We are also happy to come to you to discuss your requirements – we are specialists in bespoke training.

Our directors have spent the whole of their working life in the security and training industries, and have gained a hard won reputation for being some of the most experienced operators in the field. After years of delivering successful event and venue security and producing a range of high quality teaching and training solutions, EMSS has deservedly won its reputation as one of the most able bodies within this field of expertise today.

EMSS's Managing Director is a fully qualified Close Protection Officer, who has planned and delivered successful close protection operations for a host of VIP's, including the protection of a number of VIP's at both British and foreign royal weddings. In addition, the company has very successfully implemented numerous security operations at high profile events, running pit crew, CP, event security and stewards simultaneously.

Success in this area led EMSS to branch out into training, leading the company into becoming part of the largest security training operation the UK has ever seen. EMSS trainers successfully trained in excess of 15,000 security staff for London 2012 – an achievement of which we are very proud.

With EMSS, you can be assured of a personal and high-quality service tailored to your needs. We aim to support businesses and individuals, and look forward to assisting you wherever we can.